Bring the power of diet & lifestyle to you clients for an inside-out beauty boost!


Bring health, vitality & resilience to employees no matter where they work from!


Inject a wellbeing boost into your next event & leave your audience feeling energised for change!

Transform Your Client
wellbeing journey

There’s no denying it, nutrition and lifestyle are crucial if we want a radiant, healthy glow and bags of energy!

You want to be the best, most sought after address in town, you’ve already got great products and treatments, but are missing that deeper knowledge on the links between food, habits, emotions and the skin, that would take your client experience and results to the next level.

I can fill that gap for you as your salon’s very own Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant or as a Visiting Guest Therapist.

I’d love to get to know your business and how I could help you boost your services, so if you’d like to know more about how we could work together let’s talk.

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Elevating Your Employees
remote working experience

Our corporate world has been turned upside down, provoking a decade’s worth of organisational change overnight!

Are you and your HR colleagues looking at how you would be able to offer your employees
who are opting to work remotely some wellbeing support?

Maybe you are hearing from staff that they are missing social interactions and their team mates;
perhaps their eating habits have gone wild and they are surviving on snacks or even skipping meals;
the results being extra kilos piling on and rollercoaster energy levels that could negatively affect productivity.

While we are all on this same stormy sea our boats are all very different.
Not all employees will have homes that adapt easily into working spaces, or
have family around them to break the loneliness and to enjoy meals with;
access to green spaces may be limited and making time for self-care
may be seen as yet another thing to put on the to-do-list!

As a leader tasked with your employees’ wellbeing you will have to respond to their diverse needs and desires.
I can help you with this by co-creating a tailor-made wellbeing programme to guide and inspire your workforce,
giving them practical tools and knowledge they can put into action,
enabling them to move from overwhelm to thrive.

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Guest Speaker
health & wellbeing talks

I am available to speak at events, women’s groups, business networking clubs, wellbeing forums and for podcasts on topics such as:

From Survive to Thrive Sleep Deficit Taming the Hormone Storm Why am I Tired All the Time? Feeding the Brain Brain-Gut-Skin Connection

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